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Would you like your team to align, integrate and strengthen?

Main objtectives of our executive Team Buildings:

Get the participants know each other better and integrate as a team.

Appreciate and value diversity among team members.

Strengthen communication and leadership skills.

Acquire a sense of belonging and commitment towards the vision of the organization.

Create the energy and motivation necessary to evolve as a team.

Focus on team goals.

In a relaxed, fun and recreational environment we will propose challenges that  will require the active participation of the attendees and whose main objective will be to provide a space for them to get to know each other better, stimulating trust and respect.

¡Team members strength their connections

and trust among each other!


Experiential learning is used as a powerful methodology, aimed at the formation and transformation of people through their involvement in  challenges. The experiences obtained from said activities allow the trainers to guide the team to reflection that will benefit the functionality of the team

¡An environment of change and improvement is created

and commitments are generated!

Different methodologies and venues to make your team experience unique:

  • Executive role playing games

  • Outdoor training / Ropes course

  • Intelectual challenges

  • Virtual Team Building

Our Team

We are a multicultural team of professionals focused on enhancing the talents of individuals and organizations by helping them to define their objectives and guide them towards achieving them in an enthusiastic and positive way , promoting respect, team work  and collaboration.

Ing Carlos Moreno

Carlos is originally from Mexico and has  lived abroad for the past 7 years. He is a consultant for industrial and administrative companies and a facilitator to assure the productiveness and understanding in multicultural environments.

«While living abroad I have experienced that most of the people are not capable to enter into a deep conversation with me about any topic, before asking where am I  from and having a quick discussion about food, weather or differences between my country and their´s. The fact of being related to people from other cultures both, surprises and uneases a little bit.

An executive team should not be distracted by such matter and should not  lose focus on their responsibilities and tasks to be done. I am proud to help teams to overcome prejudices and stereotypes».

Dra. Lucia Corradi

Lucia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and has  lived in Germany, British Virgin Islands and México. She has actively been involved with multicultural teams from different regions for the past 15 years and is committed to help them  improve their performance and promote respect and collaboration. She is a speaker in international conferences related to human and organizational development.

«My passion for team development and my deep understanding of cultural differences motívates me to work with multicultural teams in order to help its members to integrate themselves, accept and respect their diversity while they align to become a high performance team that communicates and performs as any other, leaving aside those differences based in  their cultural backgrounds which may lead to misunderstanding, conflict and unproductiveness».

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